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About Factoring Accounts Receivable:
Factoring company purchases a business's
commercial accounts receivable, then advances
the cash to fund the business. It's that simple.
This enables the business to have immediate
access of up to 95% of the face value of the invoice.

Factoring enables a business to offer credit limits
that many larger customers demand, without the
worries or interruption of cash flow. Plus, a full service
factoring company also functions as its clients accounts
receivable department, handling credit reviews, invoice
mailing and processing, and providing collections
services, accounting and reporting.

Factoring allows businesses to meet their daily cash
flow demands, as well as reinvest in their company
to increase profits. Whether its taking advantage of
supplier discounts, covering payroll, purchasing inventory
or funding marketing efforts, factoring gives the business
back the cash it needs to run efficiently.

Your Company may benefit from factoring if:

  Your company is growing
Your growth has been hampered by an inability to obtain
adequate financing
You have credit worthy customers who pay invoices within
terms who want you to do more for them
You need to spend less time managing your receivables
and spend more time managing your business

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